Castlevania: Turn of Tragedies (III & IV)



But wait, there’s more.  This is it, the second part, the fan fiction of the fan fiction.  Posted just in time for Konami to take their characters back for the new Netflix series, which you better believe I’ll be watching.

Have fun with it.  This one is for those who actually enjoyed the first, as mentioned at the end of I & II.  You got some catching up to do.  You may find some answers here, so if you prefer to keep guessing, well, you were warned.  This one is also raw, meaning I haven’t bounced this off test readers, until now (also implying there may be typos).  It’s done in a different style; all part of the exercise.  I know it’s even longer.  I promise, it’s easier.

Again, feedback is always invited.  Put some weight on it, please.  It makes me stronger.

Take the link below to the pdf.  Go ahead.

Castlevania Turn of Tragedies (III-IV) n

And in case you don’t feel like clicking to the previous post, here’s another link to the first:

Castlevania Turn of Tragedies (I-II)

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