Castlevania: Turn of Tragedies (I & II)

This is an exercise of mine.  I decided to do a fan fiction before I move toward more “serious” things, which led me to one of my favorite video game characters.  It got much bigger than I originally planned, as you’ll soon understand.  And as you will also soon understand, for various reasons, this is not for everyone.  Particularly, it get’s valley reda bit dark, a bit heavy, a bit rough, so if you’re not into that stuff, just wait for the next one.

That having been said, I’m also told it can also be quite a bit fun, so if you are one of those special readers, please check it out, and give me feedback!  I really want to see how this bounces off people.  I hope you enjoy it…. really!  Click on the PDF link below to see where this went.  And please give me feedback.  I know I said it already.  I can’t stress it enough.   Comment.  Email me.  Message me on facebook.  Anything will be helpful, positive, negative, the more specific the better, but even a pat on the back (or a slap upside the head) will be appreciated.  There will be more, regardless.


Castlevania Turn of Tragedies (I-II)

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